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Doug Martin







Each piece of Doug's pottery is crafted using Alberta clay. The pieces are all hand formed and fired in a gas kiln twice.

The first firing, a bisque, prepares the clay form for glazing with earthen materials and metal oxides.

The second firing fuses the clay and glaze materials at a 2400 F degree temperature, into its finished form.

All pieces are lead-free, oven proof and dishwasher safe. Doug's scenic designs on his pottery depict the mountains and trees of the Alberta Rockies.







Doug Martin is a Canadian artist born in Alberta where he now lives and works from his studio in Calgary. His pottery has enjoyed wide appeal in

Southern Alberta and has been sold in various outlets in Calgary and Banff. His popular 'tree with mountain' motif captures the ruggedness and

beauty of the area where he lives and has recently gained international appeal with sales in Japan.








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