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We carry many different designs and styles of jewellery at the Galleria. Many of these items are one of a kind. Silver, brass, pewter, porcelain,

natural or man made materials are all combined to make truly unique pieces. Many of these, are individually made so the variety is limitless.

The following selection is just a small sample of the huge selection that we have available. 



Dragonflies, Butterflies, Flowers

and Beetle Brooches

by Wanda Shum Designs


Wanda has taken the art of fimo millefiori to the highest level. These pieces go way past crafting and are elevated to the level of art.  One has to be amazed at the intricacy of design, the beauty of the colours and the knowledge that these are really works of art. 

Hearts Desire Beaded Earrings




Alberta is the only place in the world where this colouful ammonite is found naturally. It is made from an ammolite shell. An ammolite was a marine mollusk animal that lived millions and millions of years ago and swam in the ocean that once covered southern Alberta. 

Although ammonites are found all over the world, it is only southern Alberta where the shells fossilized into these iridescent colours, making it an exceptionally rare mineral indeed.



Stickman Silver



Pressed Wishes Botanicals

Desideratum copper & silver





Cat & Dog pins by Winnie Tam


most breeds are available


Original Art to wear by Robert Cerins


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