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Wood- Carved, turned, reclaimed, re-purposed

Made in Canada


Wooden bowls and vases by

Greg Trumbley







Wooden Cutting Boards - many sizes and woods available.



Great for charcuterie, vegetable & garlic chopping, sushi and more.



Wooden bowls from Gary Matthews




Carved and turned wood by Ken Hawtin







Galleria carries the very popular "Bear Claw" salad and pasta servers, along with "Moose Spoons". Both these products are made with the finest materials, are all natural and make a terrific gift if you are traveling. This kitchenware is made from Birch and hand-rubbed with Walnut salad oil. Birch is a great wood for kitchenware because it is a long-fibered wood that retains moisture....these will not crack or split in a hot pan, or if left in the sink a few days.



Wooden Boxes from reclaimed wood

made by Robert Andrews

maple leaf



Hand carved wedding goblets

made by Jim Osenton



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