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Raku Pottery

Made in Canada

Leslie Bergeron

Jack-John Robertson

Leslie Bergeron


Raku is derived from an ancient Japanese method of firing. The pots are removed from the kiln when red hot and placed in a bed of peat moss, leaves, grasses or newspaper. The unique pattern of colours and metallic finish comes from the interplay of flames, smoke and rapid cooling. Due to the low-fire method, Raku is strictly decorative. No two pieces are ever alike. Each one of these potters use the same type of firing techniques, but their individual styles are vastly different and each piece is certainly one of a kind.

Soda firing is an atmospheric technique, where soda is introduced into the kiln when it is still firing. The soda can be sodium bicarbonate (yes the baking kind) or sodium carbonate also known as soda ash. The ash vaporizes and the vapors actually create a glaze that lands on the pottery and so you never know what the piece will look like until it is removed from the kiln.

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