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Marilyn Settles

Marilyn Settles has had a relationship with the Galleria for almost 30 years. During those years her work has taken many directions, but mainly revolves

around her strong liking for utilitarian, functional pots. She is a fulltime potter and works out of her own studio in Calgary. The Prairie Wheat pattern reflects

Marilyn's farming and homesteading background. The functional stoneware is high fired in a gas kiln. Marilyn uses a soft white glaze for a base, enhancing

it with brushwork for the blue sky and earthen landscape. The prairie grass is carved through the top layers of glaze exposing the white base glaze.

There is a full range of functional and decorative pieces in this line, which include dinnerware, serving bowls, casseroles, bathroom sets and platters in different sizes.

A lot of our customers buy this particular line of pottery for overseas gifts as it so artfully represents the western prairie landscape.




Prairie Wheat

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