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There are always wonderful objects of art that we have in the store that can not be categorized, hence this page. Please enjoy.




















One of the most unique and unusual sights visitors to Canada see, is the Inukshuk. These "men of stone" were built in Canada's far north to show travelers the way,

in a land that was featureless and wild. Other stories tell of the caribou hunts that were conducted by the native Inuit people.

At one time the Inuit built Inukshuk in long lines on each side of the Caribou trail.

The woman and children would hide behind the Inukshuk until the caribou herd came between the lines.

The women and children would stand and start making noise and the caribou would start running in straight lines to avoid the people on both sides.

The Inukshuk made it look like there were many people. The caribou would run right to the end of the trail, where they would be killed by the hunters with bows and arrows.



The Galleria carries a large number of these Inukshuks. They are available in rock, slate, glass and wood. Anyone who has seen an actual Inukshuk in the North is always in awe of it's beauty and mystery. Even small reproductions, Inuit made or not have an air of mysticism.





Magic Wands by Darlene Musser





Lighten Up! Candles


Each of these earthly creations is careful handcrafted with all-natural maple leaves, which display the richness of their true colors, along with rustic coloured sandstones. In addition, the solid style of candles (excludes eternal design) has an incredible maple syrup scent! Each candle comes with some maple tree seeds, along with instructions as to how to grow your very own maple tree.



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