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Art / Photography

Galleria displays and sells artwork from more than 25 local artists, working in acrylics, oils, watercolours and mixed media.

Some well known local artists are represented at the Galleria. Scenes depicted are typical Prairie and mountain scenes taken from areas in and around Calgary.

We also carry an extensive line of limited edition prints and unframed prints. There are many images on this page, so please be patient. It is worth the wait.

Andrew Meredith

Anne McGilvary


Shelley Ebbett

Alison Philpotts



Ashley Oshiro


George Gordon


Katheryn Sutton

Jana Milne




Jan Jenkins

Curtis Golomb


Brenda Banda Johnson



Bernadette McCormack


Ursula Pagenkopf

Leslie Starr

 Julie de Boer


Marilyn Kinsella

Donna Nemrava


Louise Olinger

Kumu Ranaweera

Pebble Art by Sharon Nowlan


Sylvia Grantins


Larry Semchuk

Gordon Hiebert

Brian R.Ewing


Mike Byneshewsky

Keith and Joan Fox

Susan Copley

Launstein Imagery

Launstein Imagery is essentially a family photo collective comprised of four nature photographers: Jenaya, Marlise, Josiah and their dad John.

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Galleria Inglewood

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PH: 403 270 3612