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You will find the largest selection of clay works by Western Canadian studio potters at the Galleria. All the functional pottery is safe for the microwave, domestic oven and is dishwasher safe.

Functional pottery contains no lead and the glazes are all non-toxic. Each potter has their own distinct glazing technique and style. Colours range from the cool blues and greens, to the vibrant pinks and purples.

Rustic earth tones are also available. Of the 25 or so potters that are featured, most do a full range of dinnerware and serving pieces. We also carry pottery in the whimsical vein, just for fun.

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"Clay remembers the hands that made it. Every piece of clay is a piece of someone's life."

Byrd Baylor - When Clay Sings


Funeral Urns - please click picture for more samples

We have an extensive selection of pottery and wood containers that are suitable for urns. They come in a variety of sizes. Click on the picture for a link to the page that displays some of the urns that we may have.


We are currently looking for new potters. Pottery is what we are known for and there is always room for new work.

We are looking for functional, decorative and/or one of a kind pieces.

Please email pictures to along with a bit of a bio. I will be very happy to talk to you and see if we can work together.

This page was updated on August 5th, 2019

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